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My best friend Michelle and I have shared the dream of Africa since before we can remember. Even before we knew each other, that land called out to us. And not just for the spectacular plains, the daunting deserts, or the roaming exotic wildlife. We have dreamed of the wild spirit of the people, the amazing ability they have to endure, and of giving something back to a continent that has given so much yet continues to suffer. We feel as if we have been blessed to grow up in a land of resource and opportunity, and want to help those across the world to find opportunities and grasp onto them as well.

That is why we are choosing to work with GO; an organization that focuses on the capable nature of these people. They have the strength and the spirit to accomplish so much, and GO provides the avenues needed for them to realize those dreams. Since farming and sustainable agriculture is something Michelle and I are both interested in for its long term rewards and benefits, Uganda is the natural choice for this project.

Therefore, we are aspiring to raise $10,000 to build a piggery in Uganda. This farm can influence change in the lives of thousands of people, and educate them on the specifics of pig farming.

Think about what this can do for the families in Uganda. Each family involved with the project will be given two piglets; one male and one female. They will receive proper training on feeding, breeding, and care. And amazingly enough, within a year of receiving their piglets and yielding just 10 additional piglets, a single family can:

• Pay school fees to 10 kids in a grade school for a year
• Buy home supplies
• Save at least US$ 500 per year
• Buy the needed supplementary food for the family
• Pay medical bills in a good hospital
• Buy a bicycle as means transport for the family
• Within two years a farmer can build a cemented house with metal roof

We ask all friends and family, all who carry even a slight desire in their heart to do good, and all those who share the same spirit and fire that carry these amazing people, to help us reach our goal. A donation, no matter how big or how small, means you will have contributed to the ultimate gift for a person in need: The gift of opportunity. All we are asking is that you help us help give them a better chance for success in their already agriculturally dominant communities. We are so excited to jump into this journey with all the effort and heart that we have been saving for something like this!

Thank you for your support!

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