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Winnipeg, Canada

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In 2013 I spent three weeks in Malawi with Samuel Magombo. We visited the people involved in The New Life Center and the people who will benefit from it in the rural villages surrounding Lilongwe. My time with Samuel was brief, but during my time in Malawi I witnessed a very real and informed effort by Samuel, Max, and all the people involved with The New Life Center. I'd like to continue my involvement in the New Life Center by raising $3000 toward the project's overall goal of $22,000.

Beginning on July 15 of 2014, I will be beginning a new diet in solidarity with Malawians who experience hunger on a daily basis. For a period of thirty days I will eat only a dollar’s worth of food per day in the hope of raising awareness and support for The Innovative Development Initiative. I’ll be sharing my experience at as well as sharing the photographs, stories, and information that I gathered during my time in Malawi last year.

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