Our Mission

GO invests in leaders who have the capacity to end poverty in their communities.

Our Vision

A world that ensures the social, ecological, and economic wellbeing for all individuals and communities, now and in the future.

Our Method

We believe that community-based leaders have the wisdom and ambition to address the root causes of poverty — if only they were properly supported. By engaging a global network through technology, GO is able to provide these leaders with the tools — visibility, training and seed funding — they need to bring their projects to scale and accelerate systemic change in their own communities and beyond.

What We Provide


 Seed Capital

GO is impressed by the potential of local solutions to create economic progress and growth. Despite the fact that these solutions could have major impact with a minor investment they are not being funded. To close this critical gap in funding, our website attracts crucial project-based funding for leaders. By featuring leaders on our website, GO connects them to an audience of potential supporters—we call these philanthropists “GO Champions.” With dedicated support from GO staff, Champions volunteer their time to publicize and fundraise for a specific leader and their project(s).


Most of the leaders we work with lack the tools needed to tell their stories in a digital age. Without photos, videos, and other marketing materials, they have little hope of reaching a global audience . To address this critical need, GO sends staff and volunteers into the field to collect these leaders’ stories. We then share them widely via our website. The GO site is a place of lively global exchange where leaders can draw inspiration from and share lessons with others doing similar work in their own communities and beyond. Through collaboration, storytelling and sharing of impact, leaders can build their visibility to a point where they are can attract the attention of larger funders.


Training is an integral step to build a leaders’ capacity to alleviate poverty. When we meet with our leaders, they already have abundant drive and dedication towards their work.  By combining that passion with additional operational expertise, our leaders’ will take their work to the next level. GO provides capacity trainings in these crucial project management areas: budgeting, staffing, operations, organizational skills, program strategy and systems implementation. Additionally, we help identify opportunities for collaboration with other leaders and experts in their field. These new relationships and resources are an incredible asset, providing new inspiration and growth—both professional and personal.