If community leaders are empowered to implement their innovative local solutions to local social and economic challenges, these leaders will instigate positive change that contributes to a more just, equitable and productive global community.

Our Mission

GO connects leaders around the world and invests in their action to inspire sustainable development and progress in their communities.

Our Vision

A world where local leaders exchange resources, talents, and skills to create positive change in their communities.

Our Method

GO believes in the power of local leaders around the world to identify the most relevant and effective solutions to move their communities beyond social and economic challenges. We value the individual knowledge, experience and perspective of each community leader and invite individuals with ideas for addressing significant issues in their communities to join the GO community.

1. Innovation: We support leaders who are trying new methods to move their communities beyond serious challenges.

2. Scaling Positive Impact: We believe in the scalability of tested impact.

3. Building Futures: GO recognizes that community development is about the future.

What We Provide


 Seed Capital

GO believes in the potential of local solutions to generate sustainable social and economic progress in all communities. Our website attracts crucial project-based funding for local leaders and entrepreneurs to implement their innovative ideas for moving their communities beyond challenges. GO connects leaders in developing communities to an audience of potential supporters who are ready to act on their behalf—we call these people “GO Champions.” With dedicated support from GO staff, Champions volunteer their time to publicize, fundraise and provide strategic support for a specific leader and their project(s).



Many leaders are greatly benefitted by appropriate tools that allow them to tell their stories in a digital age. Without photos, videos, and other marketing materials, they have little hope of reaching a global audience . To address this critical need, GO staff and volunteers support leaders in gaining access to useful technology and growing the visibility of their work through our website and outreach to our growing network. Through collaboration, storytelling and sharing of impact, leaders can build their visibility to a point where they are can attract the attention of funders and supporters.



Coaching is an integral component to the action of the GO Community.  GO staff connects Leaders and Champions with diverse operational expertise to help support the growth of their work.  We actively provide coaching in these crucial project management areas: budgeting, staffing, operations, organizational skills, program strategy and systems implementation. Additionally, we help identify opportunities for collaboration with other leaders and experts in their field. These new relationships and resources are an incredible asset, providing new inspiration and growth—both professional and personal.

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