Slum Soccer India National Cup

This three day tournament is celebrated as the day of love and Slum Soccer and Krida Vikas Sanstha’s initiatives have been to spread the love and passion for football among the underprivileged children and give them the best opportunity to excel. Slum Soccer National Championship is played only by the underprivileged youth of India. A concept to improve life in the slums 11 years back, where the underprivileged youth is only privileged enough to participate. Since the last ten years, Slum Soccer has transformed this tournament into a National Championship, where teams from all over the country collide and the top players are extracted to represent India in the Homeless World Cup, where 63 nations meet every year for the World Championship.

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The Power of Their Idea

The Vision

Based on the simple philosophy ‘Football for All’, the goal of Slum Soccer is to reach out to the Indian homeless community using soccer as a tool for reintegration, social improvement and empowerment. Slum Soccer’s typical participant demographic includes the homeless, recovering drug addicts and alcoholics, children of commercial sex workers, slum dwelling kids and the like. Slum Soccer participants are only asked one thing, which is to kick a ball. Realizing that the football pitches aren’t a place where they are victimized or preyed upon, participants open up and discover hope for a better future.

Who We Are

Slum Soccer provides opportunities to welcome participants at camps all around India. Created in 2000, Slum Soccer not only promotes development through the medium of soccer, the organization also provides health, environmental and educational workshops ranging from hygiene, nutrition, AIDS awareness, skill training and gender equality. These workshops are open to the whole community and not only the Slum Soccer participants.


India, the second most populous nation in the world, has a population of well over a billion people. 170 million of these people live on the streets with no place to call home and account for 17% of the world’s entire slum dwelling population. A sizeable portion of these 170 million people are women and children.

The Impact

Over the past ten years, Slum Soccer has made a positive impact on community wellness through the basis of soccer. What started as simple weekend sessions bloomed into a robust community improvement program that includes fully fledged football coaching camps, healthcare workshops as well as educational and social programs. Slum Soccer brings a positive influence to the lives of nearly 70,000 men, women and children in over 63 districts all around the country. The program’s growth over the last couple of years has demonstrated the great need and immense power of community building amongst these vulnerable populations. Slum Soccer also provides leadership development opportunities as participants often become ambassadors in spreading Slum Soccer’s work to new communities.