Samuel with a local farmer

General Donation to GO

GO has learned that investing in leaders who have the capacity to end poverty in their communities is the most effective and efficient poverty strategy. It’s about breaking cycles of dependency and creating circles of opportunity. Your investment to GO allow us to better identify, vet and support our local leaders along with pair them with the — seed capital, training, and visibility — they need for their projects to thrive. 

GO’s staff and volunteers work hard to ensure every dollar you donate is used efficiently.


Today, for every $1 donated to operate GO, we can raise over $6 for our leaders around the world.

The Power of Their Idea

100% Different

When we first started GO, one of our goals was to renew people’s faith in charity by promising full transparency and donating 100% of all personal donations directly to the cause. How do we accomplish this? A group of generous corporate sponsors and foundation grants help pay for the everyday costs of running the organization so that you don’t have to. This leaves your money to go where it is needed most – to our grassroots development projects. In fact we’re so passionate about our 100% model that we even pay your credit card fees out of our own pockets. It’s time to start believing in charity again.