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General Donation to GO

Your donation to GO allows us to better identify, vet and support our local leaders along with pairing them with the seed capital, coaching, and visibility they need for their projects to thrive. 

We believe that if community leaders are empowered to implement their innovative local solutions to local social and economic challenges, these leaders will instigate positive change that contributes to a more just, equitable and productive global community. 

Thank you for helping make this a reality.
GO’s staff and volunteers work hard to ensure every dollar you donate is used efficiently.


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Project Description

100% Different

100% of all personal donations on project sites go directly to GO leaders for use in their project work. A group of generous corporate sponsors and individual investors help GO pay for the everyday costs of running the organization in order to ensure that our partners’ grassroots development projects receive 100% of the donations intended for them.

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