The 100% Model

A Bold Idea: 100% To Cause

When we started Groundwork Opportunities (GO), we made a bold and ambitious promise: 100% of public donations would go directly to fund our projects in the field. We decided that we would find another way to cover our operating expenses, even going so far as to reimburse credit card fees from online donations.

As our organization grew and thrived, so did the success of our promise. We have found that donors have more trust, Champions raise more funds, and entrepreneurs receive the crucial funding they need to help their communities grow. To date, our Champions and the donors they represent have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The 100% Model works.

It’s time to start believing in charity again.

The Community

To support our growth, we bring together a like-minded group of corporate partners and philanthropists known as The Community. These partners and individuals work to ensure we have the funds needed to cover our operating budget on a regular basis.. Your support paves the way for us to continue helping The Community thrive by employing our innovative fundraising methods, and doing what many said was impossible: use our 100% Model to scale the organization and empower community organizations around the world to end extreme poverty.


GO needs people like you to help underwrite the operating costs of the organization as we scale. By 2016, a $5,000 donation would result in approximately $60,000 of project-funding on the ground. And unlike traditional  philanthropy, GO compounds donor capital through multiple cycles by leveraging an innovative revenue-based crowdfunding platform.


Learn more: Download  The Community 2013 prospectus by Clicking Here.

Return on Investment

Why should you invest directly in GO’s operations? Because your significant capacity-building gift to GO will greatly accelerate our ability to end extreme poverty. Your investment will have a direct and evident impact on our projects worldwide. To see a visual explanation of how this works, please view the below comparison of how your capacity-building gift can be multiplied by joining The Community.



In 2008, we started with one big idea, $2,000, and a hard-earned lesson about how to do more with less. Those early days of hyper-frugality taught us how to scale our programs efficiently and effectively. By 2016, every dollar invested in the GO Champions platform will create $6 in funding for projects on the ground. More detailed budget analysis is available upon request.